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100% handwoven.

One of the things I noticed from being present at markets is that people are so used to the fast fashion industry nowadays. It is quickly forgotten how much work is put into one Cobra bracelet. It is truly handmade.

All in all, it can take up to 4 hours before the bracelet is ready to be sent. Yes, you read that right, 4 hours. Its look is deceiving. Although our bracelets are made from three main ingredients, waxed cords, a piece of leather, and a stainless steel lock with the inscription of Brahman, all those loose cords need to get braided in order to get the finishing touch of the stainless steel lock.

The cobra bracelet is made from 12 loose cords in total. They are all waxed with plant-based wax. This is the base to make our bracelets truly indestructible! The bracelets get braided in a special way, the braiding itself takes up most of the time.

And there’s another surprise. Unlike you would expect, we start braiding in the middle of the bracelet! This creates the loop that goes around the lock and requires extra care. Too small and the bracelet can not be (un)locked. Too big and you will lose the snake’s head that you can see when you wear the bracelet. It took Erik a lot of tries to get this right… I can still hear him curse! Hahaha

Come visit us at one of our upcoming markets or fairs, or check out our Bracelets at one of our shop partners to see the fine braiding done yourself. If none is available in your area, ordering one is an option as well. 😉 Let’s see if you can understand the fine art of braiding when having our masterpiece in your own hands.

And now starts the time-consuming part… This is what we call “the grind”. This part needs to be done at once, or else you will create bulbs due to loose braidings. And that is not the quality we want to go for. Imagine how much focus you need when you have multiple color ropes… You need to count every braid you make!

3 to 3.5 hours later (depending on the size) you have a whip-like string in your hand. And after a good cup of tea, coffee, or beer, it is time for a small secret. The lock needs to be secured with a special knot. This knot does not only secure the lock, it is also a finisher. Here we also decide what color rope will go around the lock.

And after all those steps, we have one thing left to do: finish the bracelet completely. After the lock has been secured and the leftover cords are cut and singed there is this small piece of leather to make sure the bracelet gets its finishing touch. It goes over the singed part as this is not the most beautiful part of the bracelet, sewed with one rope tight around the braided end.

And voila! Here you have it! The Cobra bracelet in black color. The bracelet will be hard in the beginning due to the layer of wax but it will soften up by wearing it as much as possible. Yes, you should even shower and swim with it! There more you wear it, the faster it will adjust to your wrist and become a smooth part of you. And for the impatient ones… You can also wash it with your clothes (don’t forget to put it in a laundry bag tho).

Quite impressive, right? So what do you think now of our masterpiece? Let us know in the comment section. And please, do not hesitate to reach out to us in case of any questions, wishes, or feedback.

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