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Tips for Layering Bracelets on Your Wrist

Can’t seem to figure out how to style those bracelets you just bought? Layering bracelets is a great way to add some personality to your look – and it’s not as difficult as it might seem. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Pick a colour scheme – you can either go for all one colour or mix and match different colours that complement each other

An important part of creating a pleasing aesthetic is getting the colour scheme right. Choosing a colour palate can greatly enhance your space, whether you go for a single-hued look or mix different shades that work in harmony. As a starting point, think about what kind of atmosphere you are trying to evoke. Do you want something calming and relaxing? If so, choose soft pastels such as mint green, baby blue and powder pink. Alternatively, if vibrancy and energy are more what you’re after, look at brighter tones like magenta, cobalt blue and lemon yellow. There are no rules guaranteed to make your dream colour combination a reality – sometimes the best plan of action is simply to experiment!

Start with the biggest bracelet first, and then build up from there with smaller bracelets

When layering bracelets, the biggest bracelet should always come first. Start with a bold statement piece, and layer down from there with smaller bracelets to complete the look. The layering effect can create an eye-catching and fashionable ensemble, no matter what kind of jewellery you have. Bracelet layering works best when the stacked pieces contrast in size and colour for that modern look. With layering bracelets, you can accessorize any outfit and turn your wrist into a fun and stylish piece of art.

Mix textures and materials to add interest – for example, try pairing a leather bracelet with a delicate beaded one

Integrating different textures and materials into your look has never been easier. A great way to start would be by pairing a leather bracelet with a delicate beaded one. The trick is to find colours that complement each other, the combination of materials creates an interesting contrast. You can go even further and introduce some metal jewellery or mix various textile materials like cotton, velvet, silk or lace. Get creative and make an original look that is sure to turn heads.

Mixing and matching colours, sizes and textures for a unique arm party look is an exciting way to accessorize. Remember that you can start from the biggest bracelet and build up from there, adding contrast to achieve an interesting look. When layering bracelets, choose to go bright and bold or keep it subtle; it’s all up to your style. Just remember that having fun with colours and textures will help you create a unique statement for anyone’s wardrobe. At Brahman Bracelets we offer bracelets of various sizes and colours so you can express yourself through jewellery! Don’t hesitate to check out our website and find something special just for you.

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