6/11 Biomarkt Kweektuinen

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After a short break of markets in October, we enjoyed being back at our home market – the Biomarkt at Haarlemmer Kweektuinen.

It was a rather cold day, but luckily without any rain. And even though the market was a little less visited than usual, it was still a success for us. Not only did we enjoy seeing the other business owners again, and meeting a couple of new ones – always a good thing to see new faces, and see the market grow! – but speaking to visitors of the market, explaining our bracelets and the story behind it and having met one of our Instagram followers in person, made it a day to remember.

I believe this is one of the things you feel as a small business owner. Bringing the message of your products into the world, and sharing it with new interested people is what brings you joy and makes you feel warm from the inside. Of course selling is a plus, and definitely needed if you want to survive, but it always makes me happy when I see that people do not only understand the philosophy behind the bracelets, but can relate to it, sometimes even share their personal stories of achievements or learnings. It is all about connection.

We are looking forward to the next Biomarkt in Haarlem on 4th of December! Hope to see you there.

And in case Haarlem is a bit too far for you, check out our agenda for all other upcoming markets we will be present at!

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