What is Ouroboros? Discover the roots of Brahman Bracelets.

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A snake biting in its own tail. Now that’s something you don’t see every day – do you?

You’re probably thinking right now, what are these two men talking about? But no, we did not loose our minds. In fact, we probably had lost it a bit before we discovered Ouroboros. But let’s start with the snake before we get to Ouroboros. One step after the other, we surely got time.

If you live in the Western world now, chances are high you don’t see snakes that often anymore. At least not conscious.

When was the last time you were sick? You went to the pharmacy to get antibiotics, or cough syrup. Did you look up to the façade before entering the store? Probably not, cause why would you. You were probably in a rush. You didn’t feel like being outside, you didn’t like that area of the city very much, and there were way too many people inside. All you wanted to do is get your medicine and go back home as quickly as possible. And there you missed the snake.

The symbol of pharmacies is a snake climbing up a staff (WHO) or bowl. The snake represents the healing and wisdom, based on its ability to shed its old skin after growing into a new one. And this is where the link with Ouroboros is made.

Ouroboros represents infinity, rebirth and an overall cyclic nature, meaning that everything is temporary. The good and the bad. And every time you conquer difficulties or struggles you are having in life, this is exactly what happens. You grow into your new skin.

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