21/11 Museum Market Amsterdam

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Sunday, November 21st – Our first time at the Museum Market in Amsterdam. What an awesome feeling! Not only for joining the very first market in Amsterdam, but then also this market, being located directly at the Museumplein – a place where arts and culture meet. It’s another dream come true, and we are really proud having been a part of today’s market.

As mentioned, the area is known for its artsy surrounding, whether it’s museums, shopping, designer companies or cultural attractions. When you think about art in Amsterdam – this is the place to be.

During this time of the year the area tends to be even more magnificent. All the lights and not to forget the ice skating lane that is set up in the middle of Museumplein make it feel like a little Christmas market itself. No wonder it felt so festive today, and made us feel all warm inside.

The weather couldn’t have been any better in November. We had sun, rainbows above the Rijksmuseum every now and then, and not too much wind around us. Only later in the evening when the sun went down it started to get quite cold. But getting back to the warm feeling inside, we found our savior at the café Cobra! They sold really good Glühwein which kept us warm. And what a coincidence their name is Cobra too! Told you, the cycle always completes. ?

Looking back at today, we are grateful for all the people that stopped at our stand to take a look at the bracelets, listen to our story and took the time to understand the meaning of Brahman Bracelets. The faces people make when they finally see the snake in the bracelets – in case they struggled seeing it before – is priceless. I won’t lie, I always get a certain kick of it. This feeling is simply amazing!

Special thanks go also out to our followers and friends who took the time to come visit us at the market, spend some time with us and provide us with hot coffee, tea and Oliebollen. You are awesome, and your support is more than appreciated!! Sometimes I still can’t believe how many people there are supporting us on our way and celebrating every little success with us. Brahman Bracelets is really starting to feel like a community, even family sometimes. And it is exciting to see this circle slowly but surely growing more and more.

Talking about growth – we gained the most new subscribers to our Instagram page we ever received from a market today! In case you are one of our new followers – this thank you goes out to you!

What a day to look back at… Let’s enjoy the rest of the evening, and be prepared for our next markets already! Hope to see you soon again, next in Haarlem (Biomarkt Kweektuinen) on December 4th for their festive edition, and two weeks later in Baarn at the Trotsmarkt Christmas edition from December 17th to 19th.

No markets close to you, but you would like to meet us in person too? No worries! As mentioned on our feed, this blog is there for you! Tell us in the comments section – Where do you live, and on which markets would you like to see us? We love your feedback!

All the best & see you soon!

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  • Rrona

    Love this blog post! I live in Finland and how amazing it would be if you ever stop by here! Finland is famous for being the happiest country in the world, as well as having the world’s best education system and cleanest air. Finland is known for its saunas, reindeers, Nokia, and the Santa Claus village. ?? This Nordic utopia is sometimes called the Country of a Thousand Lakes, and it’s got 187,888 of them. ??


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