The story behind Brahman Bracelets is one of friendship and enlightenment.

While visiting my best friend Erik in Thailand to process recent personal setbacks, he introduced me to a new way of thinking and living which would change my life forever.

He showed me that we are in control of everything in our lives, and that everything – both good and bad – is temporary.

I discovered an indescribable sensation, a newfound sense of peace and the inner strength to persevere in difficult times. No longer a victim of circumstance, my mindset shifted from feeling helpless to being empowered.

It was the same feeling Erik had found back then when he had started his journey.

“The ups and downs are normal, as they create a balance in life.”

This sensation we discovered is the ancient idea of Brahman.

Founders Erik (left) and Saqib (right) in Thailand

Brahman & Ouroboros

Brahman is the infinite energy flowing through the universe and through all beings.

To give this energy a physical form, we chose to represent it with the ancient Greek mythological symbol of infinity.

It is known as Ouroboros and depicts a snake eating its own tail.

The freedom and peace of mind we have found is incredible, it completely changed our lives.

That’s why we chose to honor the Brahman energy by creating a handcrafted

masterpiece that reminds us every day of our personal achievements

and to share it with the world, so you can feel it too.

You are now Unlocked