Hey there!

We are Erik and Saqib. Founders of Brahman Bracelets. We are passionate about our masterpiece as it has changed our way of living.

Welcome to our blog, where you can read about our first steps, lessons learnt, and struggles on our way, but also about all our achievements, proud moments, and – almost most important – Ouroboros & the Brahman Energy!

Feel free to dig around, get inspired and maybe even connected. Comments & feedback are always welcome. Please see this as a platform where you can be yourself, and let us know in case you want to hear or learn more about certain topics.

Thanks for being interested in our story & Brahman Bracelets!

All the best,
Erik & Saqib.

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About me

Hi, I am Saqib. One half of Brahman Bracelets.

Most of the time I feel like I am just a simple dude from the Dutch “Zaanstreek”, born and raised in Krommenie. 

Besides my recent found passion for kickboxing – a great way of releasing negative energy and creating it into power – I have always loved cars and working on them. That’s how I ended up studying and becoming a technician. After some hopping around I fulfilled my passion with working at the most advanced car company in the world.

They say successful people in life always strive for something better.  Which is why I chose to dive into the deep, and fulfill my biggest childhood dream – becoming my own boss, and owning a meaningful brand / store.

I believe that Brahman is the result of all I have learnt so far in life;
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And that’s how the real journey began…